Spice of the Week!

White pepper: This tart, slightly sour pepper is great on fish and in soups. It looks really cool in a clear grinder with black lava salt.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Home Churned Butter

I love it. I love it so much.

Last week there was an extra jug of heavy whipping cream in the fridge begging to be transmogrified into something delicious. My nephews were over, and shaking a jar filled with cream somewhat reduced their impressive stores of energy. It also produced fluffy goodness/butter (those two words are synonymous). The directions are exceedingly simple:

heavy cream
salt (optional)

Put cream into a jar. *At this point you can either add salt or save it for sprinkling. Both are good.* Shake jar until large masses (the butter) amalgamate. Wash hands and pat butter into a loaf. Use immediately or save in your fridge.

P.S. The great thing about home churned butter is that if you flavor the cream with spice or honey or herbs it flavors the butter. Just make sure you add it before churning.